Purchase Order Financing


Every year, Purchase Order Finance provides working capital solutions to thousands of small business owners in search of the necessary working capital to purchase or manufacture goods to meet firm orders from large, creditworthy customers.  Purchase Order Finance is a particularly useful financial option when small businesses break into the “big leagues” and secure out-of-the-norm large orders from ‘big box” stores or similar customers.

For contract manufacturers making product in China or other offshore locations, Purchase Order Finance provides the capital to pay cross-border factories, assures compliant content, and oversees the delivery of goods directly to your customer.  Purchase Order Finance is NOT used to finance your regular inventory but rather those goods requiring immediate delivery and represented by a “firm buy order” from a large credit worthy retailer.

Setting up a Purchase Order Finance arrangement allows start-ups and early stage operators to compete head on for large orders from BIG prospective customers without the fear of capital shortfalls when it comes time to purchase or manufacture the goods.  With purchase order finance, your small business does not have to “think” small but can position itself to compete with all comers when marketing to the mega-buyers that can help you to grow your business exponentially.

You can find out more and explore how Purchase Order Finance can assist you in growing your business by contacting us today!